Top 5 hill stations spots in Kerala to visit

Are you a nature lover waiting to explore hill stations? Then, know these top 5 hill stations in Kerala to visit.


Distance: 4 hours, 38 minutes (157.0 km) via NH 83 and Munnar-Udumalpet Road.

Ponmudi is one of the unexplored hill stations in Kerala. This hill station is at a distance of around 1.5 hours from Trivandrum. Trekking facilities are available in this area. The most beautiful waterfalls in Kerala, Meenmutty Waterfalls, are located here. Also, a few sanctuaries like Thenmala Sanctuary, deer parks, and safaris for children are good entertainment for kids.

You can also go to the Kallar River from the Meenmutty waterfalls. Thenmala Dam can be a good visit from Meenmutty waterfalls.


Thekkady, 100 km from Kottayam, is also one of the hill stations in Kerala. Thekkady serves as a connecting point to Munnar. From here, Periyar forests, Periyar Lake, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, tiger reserves, and elephant reserves are available to visit. Rides on the elephants in the Elephant Junction at moderate prices for two people are offered. At Thekkady, you have a good aroma of the tea and coffee plantations and spice gardens.

Plan one day for the forest reserves, national parks, and rides on the lake below the hills. One day to breathe into the plantations and spice gardens.


“The Paradise of Kerala, Long Drive, Yes, for the ones who love road trips… Vagamon is the right choice.”

Vagamon is a hill station at 1200 meters above sea level. The rental car from Coimbatore to Kottayam takes around 241 km in 4.46 hours. . If you come from Kottayam, then do not miss the first suicide spot in the pine forests.

You can see next the Vagamon Kurisumala—14 crosses known as the “way of the crosses” at regular intervals on the hill. Thangal hill, Vagamon Falls (in October with a silver fall from the sky to the earth), and the Poonjar Palace (500 years old) can be seen only from outside as it is closed for visitors nowadays. They should be on your list without fail with a self-drive car rental.


Munnar can’t be missed when planning a trip to the western ghats. It is not possible that you come to a hill and don’t trek. Munnar can be reached by car from Thekkady. But the best choice would be through Trivandrum, as the roads are not in good driving condition. People say that “Devikulam Lake” was where goddess Sita bathed.

You can opt for boat rides with your family at Mattupetty Lake and Dam. There is a place that started the first hydroelectric project called Pallivasal in Munnar. Attukal in Munnar (Lock Heart Gap) is known for trekking purposes. Trekking in the Lock Heart Gap is a popular spot for Munnar tourists.


Wow, it is Wayanad! A place for young couples filled with greenery and white clouds.

Wayanad is home to the second-largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala. It is at an altitude of around 800 meters above sea level, so it is a popular trekking site for mountaineers. The presence of a heart-shaped lake, the Thirunelli temple, and the Papanasini River are great spots in Wayanad. Wayanad: You will find tiger reserves in many of the sanctuaries. Chembra Peak (6000 feet above sea level) is the highest peak of this hill station.

It is advisable to keep at least half a day for trekking or visiting this peak area.

Munnar vs Wayanad

Munnar offers a cooler hill station vibe, while Wayanad boasts tropical appeal with a mix of history and adventure.

Finally, now you are set to plan your travel with baggage packed for a fun-filled and thrilling holiday to these beautiful hill stations in Kerala with a self-rental car service from Coimbatore to Kerala.

The Mini-Goa of South India, “Varkala”

Mini Goa “Varkala”

Varkala with Vagana, the best and most affordable car rental service to provide a self-drive experience to see a place like Goa in South India, isn’t it eager? Yes, the Varkala trip plan should be on your tour list by now for greenery and blue sightseeing. Places and details to help you plan the trip to Varkala.

The best time to visit Varkala is from January to May. Avoid going during the monsoon months of August and September, as the sea can be an unsafe zone during this time.

Hidden Treasure of Kerala

Varkala, being a coastal town, serves as one of the most beautiful beach destinations in South India. As the cool breeze slightly touches our face and the waves gracefully wash away the sands from our feet, the orange hues of the sun shimmer on the waters of the Arabian Sea, making the vibe unbelievably relaxing. People also named it the “Hidden Treasure of Kerala.”.

Janardana Swami Temple

The 2,000-year-old Janardana Swami Temple, which is an important Vaishnavite shrine in India, is one of the spots not to be missed. It is the only place in Kerala where the hills come close to the sea.

Parasailing and paragliding

Varkala Beach is a popular beach where you can enjoy various water sports activities such as parasailing and paragliding. Be wise in choosing the best way to travel with rental car booking to discover your inner peace in Varkala.

Goa vs. Varkala

If you compare Goa vs. Varkala, Goa is great for party lovers, while Varkala is great for beach lovers. The beach at Varkala is a popular spot for swimming and sunbathing, while the cliffs offer scenic views. You can see fishermen fishing and returning if you go early in the morning.

Quality time spent

To be honest, “people say that they get immersed in its beauty, and the experience is just out of this world.” Quality time was spent, including kayaking and speed boating near Kappil Beach, situated 15 minutes away from Varkala Cliff.

Top sights in Varkala

  1. Varkala Beach
  2. Sivagiri Mutt – pilgrim destinations
  3. Sri Janardanaswamy Temple
  4. Hindu temple Ponnumthuruthu
  5. The Black Sand Beach
  6. Odayam Beach
  7. Kappil Beach
  8. Papanasam Beach
  9. Edava Beach
  10. CanFly
  11. Varkala Cliff
  12. South Cliff

Munnar: Trip ideas for 3 days

Munnar Trip Ideas for 3 Days from Coimbatore with self drive rental cars

Distance: 4 hours, 38 minutes (157.0 km) via NH 83 and Munnar-Udumalpet Road.

A trip to Munnar, isn’t it exciting to dwell in the chillness of green mist. Munnar can be reached through a drive from Thekkady. But the best choice would be through Trivandrum as the roads are not in good driving condition. Munnar, a hill station, is one of the most scenic journeys in South India and is loved by all tourists. When easy access to travel like self-drive rental cars is available, why wait? A mesmerizing view of thick jungles, spice gardens, sloping hills, tea plantations, winding rivers, and waterfalls. Finish off your road trip in five to six hours and savor appetizing food on the way.

Driving away from Coimbatore to Munnar with your own driving car rental or luxury car rental booking is made easy on your fingertips nowadays with a call or online booking.

Boating spot

People say that “Devikulam Lake” as goddess Sita bathed. You can opt for boat rides with your family in Mattupetty lake and dam here. There is a place which started the first hydro-electric project called Pallivasal in Munnar.

Foodie corners at Munnar

The main stops to stop for food are “Saravana Bhavan,” Rapsy, a variety of omelets, the Treetop Restaurant, SN Restaurant, and Bylanes Brim. These street food stalls are all set to make your journey a yummy tummy trip.

Trekking in the lock heart gap

Attukal in Munnar (Lock Heart Gap) is known for trekking purposes. Trekking in the Lock Heart Gap is a popular spot for Munnar tourists.

Top sights in Munnar

  1. Mattupetty Dam
  2. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary
  3. Echo Point
  4. Rajamalai Wildlife Sanctuary
  5. Rose Garden
  6. Elephant Lake
  7. Cheeyappara Waterfalls
  8. Eravikulam National Park
  9. Kundala Lake
  10. Pothamedu Viewpoint
  11. Power House Falls
  12. Sterling Munnar
  13. Tata Tea Museum
  14. Top Station
  15. Attukad Waterfalls
  16. Photo Point
  17. Tea Museum

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Comparison of cost savings

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