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Travel with Vagana Self-Drive Rental Cars

Travel with “Vagana Self-Drive Rental Cars”

February 21st, 2024 4 minutes Read

Travel with “Vagana Self-Drive Rental Cars”

Vagana self-drive rental cars (started in 2022 with Coimbatore as its head office).
Vagana Cars offers its customers flexible and safe bookings when it comes to the preference of” own board car rental in Coimbatore.”

The growing landscape of travel

In recent days, the demand and necessity for “self-drive rental services and leasing” have grown as one of the fastest-growing businesses in and around India. According to a survey, the self-drive rental car service is expected to reach over 20% in the next 5 years. And thus, in order to contribute to this on-going customer demand, “VAGANA CARS” is all set for customers to hire their self-drive rental cars from Coimbatore, Kerala, and to visit all over Tamil Nadu. You can easily find Vagana on Google by tapping “self-drive cars near me” (

Advantages of self-drive car rentals

Vagana “rental car booking” is here to save you from the hassle and cost of owning a car, providing services like “own driving car rental in Coimbatore.” We provide the best service to everyone who wishes to feel comfort and convenience while leasing a car with us. Enjoy! Happiness and adventure are all set to come as you drive away with your loved ones. Choose from a variety of car models for your travel on the basis of “rent a car for a hourly” or “rent a car for a day” or “rent a car for a weekly” or “rent a car for a monthly” is offered.

Convenience and ownership comfort

Why to travel with independent self-drive car rental services: Because it gives you ease of travel like “auto rent,” where you can stop at places of your interest and park at your platform, can choose from a range of “economic car rental,” “luxury car rental,” and “budget car rental” as per your demand in Coimbatore.

Flexibility and freedom

While traveling, “self-drive cars in Coimbatore” is the best option, so that you can be on time to board your return flights, trains, or buses just by requesting a car pick-up service at your point. As in Coimbatore, “vehicle rent” is at peak.

Why hire Vagana self-drive rental cars?

“Our motto is to make the customers feel like their own cars, so that you can focus on what you planned for during the trip.”

Why hire Vagana self-drive rental cars?

Benefits of hiring rental car:

  • No Hidden Charge: We have included taxes and insurance, so you pay for “drive car rental” as described on our website.
  • Pay at Doorstep: You can book, and we will keep your car ready. Get the key and pay.
  • Tolls Enabled for Hassle Free Trips: We keep the tolls recharged for your convenience.
  • Clean and Hygiene Cars: After every single trip, we keep the car sanitized, water washed, little perfumed for your travel.
  • 100% Satisfaction Customers: We don’t say our Google review says, and so we are proud to say.
  • Can Extend Without Worrying: Under some scenarios, it gets delayed, so you can just message or call to intimate the delay.
  • Drive anywhere: You can drive without worrying as we have all the papers in the car with no issues.
  • Damage Insurance Protection: Insurance is covered, so you just drive safely.
  • Flexible Packages: One package never suits all, so we have “hourly, day, weekly, or monthly plans” to fit all customers.

Comparison of cost savings

When it comes to economical choice, renting a self-drive car is the best option, especially for longer trips or group travel. The discount is higher with flexible kilometers driven at your time.

Tips to save money while renting a car

Comparison of cost savings

  1. Plan ahead: While self-driving car rentals offer a choice of yours, some sort of planning, like a destination, places to visit on the way, and pre-booking hotels for a long-trip stay, is advised. And also, be prepared for unexpected changes in weather or road conditions.
  2. Ensure to check the vehicle: Before starting the journey, thoroughly inspect for damages (pre-existing) and get to know about the car, fuel up, check the tyre-pressure, tools and stepney. In short,take pictures or make notes to avoid disputes when returning the car.
  3. Follow local traffic rules: There are regional variations in traffic laws and regulations. To guarantee a hassle-free and safe trip, make sure you are familiar with the local traffic laws.
  4. Cost-effect travel: Now, renting a car for self-drive becomes affordable as well as cost-effective. You pay only for the duration you need the car, time, and money from using public transportation.


Now, you are set with all the information you need about the self-drive rental and assurance for your journey. Now is the perfect moment to travel, make memories, and see the globe at your own leisure. So, why wait? Rent a self-drive car and get it delivered to your doorstep.

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Jii NiviJii Nivi
13:02 03 Jul 24
Seenivasan officialSeenivasan official
08:59 27 Jun 24
Good customer support. Newt and budget car.Thank you
08:34 27 Jun 24
Nice service
avudai appanavudai appan
08:30 27 Jun 24
Good customer service and easy to approach 👍👍
04:55 17 May 24
Wow!!! What a great experience!!!! Vagana car rental customer service has been truly extraordinary. They have made my family vacation to Ooty a great success.I contacted them in mid/late march and received answers to all my queries about the cars and condition as well as commercials. I had special request to deliver the car (Nissan Magnite) at Coimbatore airport at the time of my arrival. And they acknowledged and then when I reached Coimbatore, the car was there. Condition of the car was excellent. Mr. Murugan is a trustworthy person and he delivered the car and helped me with all the verifications. And in hardly 10 min the car was with me. I drove with family to Ooty and found the car in super condition (as was promised!!!). On 06th day I reached Coimbatore airport earlier than was planned. And with one phone call Mr. Murugan arrived at the airport and the handing over formalities concluded again super fast (only 10 min).I strongly recommend to take car rentals from Vagana Car rentals. Super Cars, Super Service and Super People............. I am sure, I will again use their services......!!!!!
Abinaya SelvarajAbinaya Selvaraj
08:08 12 Mar 24
On time pickup availability.Look very clean and neat.Very good condition.
Rishi ModiRishi Modi
10:18 10 Mar 24
They provided great service and the car was in very good condition. Thank you
VR studio 43VR studio 43
08:08 21 Feb 24
Amazing service and customer friendly and really liked the service and a very trusted among the others
chvsp chowdarychvsp chowdary
17:37 11 Feb 24
Sinoy VvSinoy Vv
16:54 01 Feb 24
Aju ObzyAju Obzy
07:03 09 Jan 24
Excellent service 💯
santosh singhsantosh singh
22:57 04 Dec 23
tanuja machhantanuja machhan
03:07 23 Sep 23
Very professional and helpful people. We hired one car from her for three days. Car was clean and in good driving conditions. Her place is on the way to Ooty and require a slight detour from Coimbatore-Ooty highway but she had honestly explained this to us before we decide to hire the car. I highly recommend her car rental service.
Raman GollapudiRaman Gollapudi
03:57 18 Aug 23
Very Good Response Nice Car i enjoyed a lot while driving
Parthi SurekaParthi Sureka
03:37 12 Jul 23
Very good customer service vehicle also very clean and good condition
11:17 05 Jun 23
Driving like own car confabulate. Good condition car and good milage. Car in very very good condition.
04:31 29 Jan 23
Good customer support, price wise worthLow price for top hand carTotally good service.


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